Alum Block… the barber’s best kept secret!

Alum Block, or Potassium Alum is one of the world’s best kept secrets.
Alum has been used for centuries, dating back as far as the ancient Egyptians and the Chinese Dynasties, this 100% natural product has been assisting males in the art of shaving.
What is so special about this little block we hear you ask?  Well, it’s quite simple…
Potassium Alum, as we have already stated is completely natural.  Yes, it’s 100% pure and conatins absolutely no additives.
Used to assist shaving, both pre and post routine it has natural qualities that treat all affected areas of the face and neck.
Let’s get down to business here guys, and see how this product is designed to revolutionise your shaving ritual for the rest of your life, because, when you use it once we guarantee that you will never conduct a shave without one of these little beauties handy.
How often do you shave and have a real clean good shave with NO friction, razor burn around the neck, nicks, cuts or other discomforts?  That’s right lads, I would guess that you would be answering really honestly if you said it was very seldom.  How often have you had to tear off tiny bits of toilet paper to stick over the nick or cut, stemming the flow of blood from getting on to the new shirt?  Again folks, I would say that it was a common practice for most of us.

Well, if you use Alum, or Potassium Alum (whichever you prefer to call it) we personally guarantee that this will reduce and clear all cases of friction, redness, soreness, razor burn and, wait for it… even stops the flow of blood from nicks and cuts!

Right, it’s the usual sales pitch you’re thinking?  Well wrong, as we believe that Alum will sell itself from first use.  So much so that we have incorporated this procedure into our very own Hot-Towel Shaves, and would not conduct a shave without one.
Razor Burn; by simply wetting the block in warm – not hot – water, you can apply to the skin directly.  After shaving rub the wetted block in small circular motions on the affected and freshly shaved area.  You will feel a fresh tingle or sting when you apply for the first few seconds, quickly followed by a fresh cool and calming sensation.
Nicks or Cuts; again, simply wet the block in warm water and gently hold on the abrasion for a few seconds.  You can start to move this in tiny circular motions after around 4 – 5 seconds on the cut, and continue to do so until the bleeding has completely stopped. (Usually around 7 – 8 seconds)
This not only stops the blood, but treats the cut with it’s natural antiseptic qualities, making sure that infection does not enter the blood.
Alum also is a natural astringent, and tautens the skin for that second closer shave.  It also provides grip for the razor which stops the blade from sliding and causing further nicks.  All round, this is a perfect shaving companion for every man.  After the second shave this can be used again for that all over clean and crisp all day feeling.

RRP Price: £12.50